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        Water and fertilizer integration technology needs to pay attention to four key points
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        Water and fertilizer integration is a comprehensive technology, involving irrigation, soil cultivation, crop cultivation and other aspects, but there are still many important points to be paid attention to in terms of technology. Below, small make up to talk about water and fertilizer integration technology attention matters.

        The first is to establish an irrigation system

        In terms of design, according to the terrain, field, unit, soil texture, crop planting methods, basic situation and characteristics of water, design of embedding depth, length of pipeline system, irrigation area, etc. The integrated irrigation method of water and fertilizer can adopt pipeline irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, micro-sprinkler irrigation, pump pressurized drip irrigation, gravity drip irrigation, seepage irrigation, small pipe outflow, etc. Especially avoid flooding with large water, which is easy to cause nitrogen loss, but also reduce water utilization.

        Fertilization system

        The field should be designed for quantitative fertilization, including the position, capacity, outlet, fertilizer pipeline, distributor valve, pump fertilizer pump, etc.

        3. Select suitable fertilizer types

        Liquid or solid fertilizers can be selected, such as ammonia water, urea, ammonium thiocarbamide, ammonium nitrate, monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate, calcium nitrate, magnesium sulfate and other fertilizers. In solid state, powder or small lump is preferred, which requires high water solubility and less impurities. In general, granular compound fertilizers (including Chinese and foreign products) should not be used. If you use biogas slurry or humic acid liquid fertilizer, you must pass through the leakage, so as not to block the pipeline.

        Iv. Operation of irrigation and fertilization

        1. Dissolution and blending of fertilizers: it is not necessary to stir or mix liquid fertilizers when applying liquid fertilizers. Generally, solid fertilizers should be mixed with water to form liquid fertilizers.

        2. Fertilizer application control: the dosage should be controlled when fertilizing, and the appropriate concentration of fertilizer injection is about 0.1% of the irrigation flow. For example, the irrigation flow is 50 cubic meters/mu, and the fertilizer injection is about 50 liters/mu. Excessive use can kill crops and pollute the environment.

        3. The process of irrigation and fertilization is divided into three stages: the first stage is to use non-fertilizer water to moisten, the second stage is to apply fertilizer solution for irrigation, and the third stage is to clean the irrigation system with non-fertilizer water.

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